Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly at a time convenient to board directors. Board terms are two years open to renewal. Many directors also serve on a committee.


Michael Doucet, President
Rick Haughian, Past-President
Linda Nesrallah, VP
Tony Damiani, Treasurer
Chelsea Bland, Secretary
Brian Harrison, Chair, Communications Committee
Emma Best, Chair, Fundraising Committee
Bruce Watts, Chair, Governance
Elizabeth Waite, Chair, Gala Committee
Marina Canalejo, Member
Joey Yip, Member



Anyone who agrees with the goals and approach of Ancoura can become a member of Ancoura and vote at the Annual General Meeting. There is no membership fee.

Ancoura is managed by a Board of Directors that generally meets on a monthly basis. A president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary are members of the board. Directors are elected for a period of two years at the annual general meeting of the members. The officers of the corporation also hold office for two years (again, the terms are renewable).