Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly at a time convenient to board directors. Board terms are two years open to renewal. Many directors also serve on a committee.


Richard Haughian, President
Joey Yip, Vice-President
Jane O’Brian, Treasurer
Linda Nesrallah, Secretary
Marina Canalejo
Brian Harrison
Brian Morris
Erik Sparling
Elizabeth Waite



Anyone who agrees with the goals and approach of Ancoura can become a member of Ancoura and vote the Annual General Meeting. There is no membership fee.

Ancoura is managed by a Board of Directors that generally meets on a monthly basis. A president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary are members of the board. Directors are elected for a period of two years at the annual general meeting of the members. The officers of the corporation also hold office for two years (again, the terms are renewable).