Home Named to Honour Rick Haughian

On Saturday, February 24th, a small group of about ten people got together for the re-naming of our Jasmine residence. It will now be called “Rick’s Place” in honour of Rick Haughian, Ancoura’s first president and chair of the board who passed away in June 2020. He was president and chair for an entire decade from 2008 to 2018. Under his leadership, Ancoura grew from a vision to one home with three residents and eventually to seven homes with 21 residents. Always willing to roll up his sleeves and work on any problem or issue, he led with confidence, but with a great deal of compassion and caring.

A plaque was presented at our AGM on February 7, and is now hanging at Rick’s Place. It reads, “Rick’s Place: This home is named in honour of Rick Haughian, Ancoura’s founder and first president (2008-2018) in recognition of his outstanding leadership, commitment and dedication.”