TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Donates $16,200 to Ancoura

Ottawa, Ontario, June 28 2023 – TELUS Friendly Future Foundation® has donated $16,200 to contribute towards Ancoura’s effort in providing a supportive community for our residents living with mental illness. 

Like Ancoura’s residents, young adults in Ottawa were also greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing the abrupt transition from in-person schooling to virtual schooling for over 2 years; these years also led to increased depression, anxiety, substance use, and social isolation. Isolation is a social determinant of health, and its increase can negatively affect one’s mental health and overall wellbeing. These combined factors have led to a widespread crisis in young people’s mental health. In “Fresh Vistas,” we propose to create a significant social connection between young adults in the community and residents of Ancoura, and manage the risk of isolation.  

This donation will contribute to our ability to create new opportunities for social interaction, increase empathy among young adults, and will significantly augment mental health education in our community, which will allow Ancoura to achieve its goal of a supportive circle of friends for our residents and reducing the isolation experienced by adults living with mental illness.  

“We’ve heard from our charity partners about the challenges youth in their community are facing,” says Shanan Spencer-Brown, Executive Director of TELUS Friendly Future Foundation. “We are honoured to be able to support Ancoura, with a donation of $16,200 from the TELUS Ottawa Community Board. We are so appreciative of the work Ancoura is doing in their community, supporting adults in Ottawa living with mental illness through affordable housing and a supportive community.”  

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